Verdict on Dyer Law’s High Five Hero is “Success”

Program Recognizes Community Heroes for Giving Back

Mike recently wrapped up the Dyer Law High Five Hero program with a radio interview on Q96.

High Five Hero Celebrates Our 25th Anniversary

Dyer Law commemorates its 25th Anniversary with a celebration of heroes that make our community better. Our campaign honors six local heroes nominated by friends and co-workers. A $500 reward goes to each honoree with a matching $500 from Omaha’s NRG Media Group to pay it forward to another community hero or group.

Here’s Our List of High Five Heroes

Joy Rich – April

Joy spends every Saturday working with residents from Maple Crest Health Center and Retirement Community. For many of these people, it is the highlight of their week. Joy brings a lot of happiness and cheer with her, but also receives it all back by seeing the smiles on their faces.

Ron Hernandez – May

Ron is a veteran who after retiring from the service started “Moving Veterans Forward” which helps homeless and struggling veterans in Nebraska and Iowa find a place to live and the essentials for a new start.

Eisha Phelps – June

Eisha is committed to helping girls excel by reinforcing good character with high expectations for grades and behavior. Eisha Phelps operates a dance studio- O.NE Finest Dance at 63rd and Ames so girls have somewhere to go. The entire team of dance teachers volunteer their hours and have done so every week for over a year.

Alyssa Clark – July

Alyssa is the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization named Nebraska Miss Amazing, a nonprofit which promotes self-confidence and esteem for girls and women with disabilities. She sets up and runs a pageant for disabled girls and women and teaches them self-confidence and social skills while having fun!

Amanda Abbey – August

Amanda is a teacher in the Alternate Curriculum Program (special education) at Millard North High School. She works a great deal with students that really struggle in school and want to drop out. She is the reason they stay in school. Amanda also volunteers as one of the sponsors of the Sparkle Cheer team.

Erin Leahy – September

It seems like every week Erin organizes a new benefit out of the goodness of her heart. Recently when she learned a friend’s son needed a heart transplant, she immediately started planning a fundraiser. The golf tournament and silent auction brought in almost $20,000. She takes the energy in every situation and turns it into good to raise money and support for people in need.

Dyer Law Believes in Service to the community.

The continuing goal of Dyer Law is to serve people in the Omaha and Lincoln area, who need help from attorneys who specialize in personal injury and vehicle accidents, product liability, workers’ compensation, employee rights and wrongful death.

Our High Five Hero campaign is an extension of this commitment to our community. We applaud all our heroes. We only wish we could honor all the amazing nominees.

Tell us about your favorite High Five Hero. Is this a program you would like to see us continue? Go to our Facebook page for more information on the winners. Include link to FB page here. While you’re there, be sure to “like” us.