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Brian Wood says:

2017-11-04 18:07:11

I work as maintenance for a well known hotel chain. I have employed myself in the past through tile work without any injuries of any sort. So as tile work was added to my work list I was hesitant to complete this work due to the loss I would absorb for the work on their hourly pay scale. During my time here It was explained I could not bring my tool bag in even though I had more an better tools for the work as I have also done maintenance an property management for past seven years. Accomplishing the tile work i gained several tile splinters an a great deal of pain as I cannot afford Dr. An mostly am my own barber, dentist, Dr. Along with over 2 weeks of pay. Deep wounds located on each hand that became infected. Another concern is drilling into tile located in the hotel bathroom shower area became most problematic to infection. Diseases? Do Is there any assistance or advice you could offer?

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