Empathy > Sympathy: Dyer Law’s Unique Approach to Workers’ Compensation

At Dyer Law, we know all too well how a work-related injury can divert the course of someone’s life in the blink of an eye. We also understand how complicated it can be to successfully maneuver the legal process—and why it’s extremely helpful, and often necessary, to have experienced professionals on your side. Our own Mike Dyer suffered a “career-ending” work-related injury in 1983 while serving as a New York City police officer, throwing the life plan he’d developed as a teenager entirely off course. What was supposed to be a fun summer night in 1983 became a nightmare when the crowd gathered for Diana Ross’s free concert incited robberies and rioting throughout Central Park–injuring many of NYC’s finest, including our own.

Mike, who was assigned to NYPD’s Tactical Patrol Unit, was responsible for protecting concertgoers and park-enjoyers from the “wolf packs” who were prowling the city, scouting out their next victims. While handling a separate robbery, Mike witnessed a group of five men jump a jogging woman and assault another man trying to protect her. Mike ran to defend the two civilians from their attackers and was badly injured in the struggle that followed, landing him on permanent total disability at only 24 years old. As Mike often says, though, when one window in life closes, a different door opens; a decade later, Mike and his wife Elizabeth founded Dyer Law in 1992 to realize Mike’s newfound passion for protecting the rights of injured and disabled workers.

Mike’s experience undergoing the confusing and frustrating process of pursuing a worker’s compensation claim forms the foundation of Dyer Law’s client-centered approach. The team at Dyer Law approaches each client and case with genuine empathy and understanding rather than surface-level sympathy. We go above and beyond to be there for our clients while they navigate this difficult process, and to use our three decades of expertise to facilitate life-changing results. A work-related injury may have caused one window in your life to close, but our goal at Dyer Law is to safeguard your rights, facilitate merited compensation, and help you open your next door with ease.